EdEAP - Edkal Enterprise Automation Platform

for SME in Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals

SME industries in Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals domains look for digital enterprise management solution to manage business operations in compliance with statutory needs and at an optimized cost.

EdEAP, Edkal Enterprise Automation Platform, readily provides an answer to such business needs. The digital enterprise platform of Edkal Technologies covers major business operations - R&D, Marketing, Sales, Purchase, Production, and maintenance- on modular basis and in compliance to statutory needs to run an efficient enterprise meeting the requirements.

This cloud hosted platform is an integral part of the business, supporting customers ranging from $10 to 150 Million. Edkal’s deep domain knowledge backed by manufacturing experience and development and support of intelligent IP based platform makes Edkal a strong player / contender

Why customers use
Edkal's EdEAP

  • Unique domain based offering with rich features
  • Cloud based solution lowering operational cost
  • Backed by 30 years of domain Expertise
  • Global Service Capability
  • Ease of operation coupled with required compliance needs
  • Experienced leadership and commitment

Operational Simplicity

  • Selective module with required APIs
  • Ease of implementation, customization / configuration
  • Microservices enabled

Functions & Features

  • All operational functions of enterprise from Direct Marketing,, Purchase to Sales
  • eCommerce enabled with marketing analytics
  • IP management control

Compliance & Security

  • Ease of Audit management
  • IP value protection and management
  • Growth in cloud platform leveraging extensive toolset availability
40% reduction in operational cost with 20% less processing time
Improved digital marketing Analytics increased repeat orders / customer retention by 30%
Improved internal controls / process reliability and customer perception

”Implementation on SaaS model with ease of scalability in cloud platform has helped Sami Direct bring to its customers a very flexible and service focused delivery system. Our operations in multiple countries with diverse and local requirements were made possible timely at an optimized cost with this platform ” Mr.Ujjwal Mukhopadhyay, CEO, Sami Direct

EdEAP hosted in public cloud with required APIs for external integration is the backbone of organization operations from PO to P&L generation

Increased sales through Direct Marketing

  • Able to reach out distributors across the country
  • Retail Sales gone up by 20%
  • Implementation across counties simplified

Improved warehouse management

  • Optimization of stocks through Inter -warehouse transfer
  • Seasonal goods management improved by 15%
  • Inventory cost reduction 15%


  • Month end operations requiring huge processing does not require close monitoring
  • Collaboration and ease of operation
  • Improved and quicker data analytics

Our promise to you

A digital enterprise platform with SaaS model of operations, compliant with statutory needs at an affordable operational cost for Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals SME industry domain leveraging our cloud expertise and support

Operational simplicity with Microservices based Architecture with business rules easily modifiable

  • Effective & Secured operations management
  • Improved compliance and ease of scalability
  • Ease of back end integration

Why Edkal Technologies?

  • Edkal Technologies is a Digital and Automation solutions and Services organization with a global presence aligned to Digital Platform Engineering space leveraging their experience gained over the years.
  • Focus is to build and support Bioinformatics and digital platforms using disciplined and Agile oriented approach to meet customer demands in time.
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