Data Analytics Services

An effective business decision in the current digital economy requires a good design of data virtualization and reporting.

We in Edkal enable our customers in their initiative to gain an insight of the data through evaluation of Big Data technologies, AI & machine learning solutions, migration to Big Data platforms, and predictive data modelling for operations & data migration.

Our Services in the domain help you to analyse the data to get a perspective on

Data Visualization

What is happening?

Identifying the data relationships and highlighting the important details is the key for an organization esp. when there is an increase in volume of data. Edkal uses right tools and data mapping techniques to pull the real value out of the data using interactive charts, dashboards…

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

What do others talk about us and how to react?

It has become more prevalent and effective in marketing the products and services of an organization using digital platforms and technologies. All organizations leverage this technology not just for marketing but also to get audience / customers’ reactions to position the products and tailor the services.

Edkal based on their experience gained over many years of working with multiple organizations have developed a framework to get

  • Collection and measurement of relevant data points from the structured and unstructured data
  • Integration of structured and unstructured data
  • Reporting using charts and dashboards

Data governance

How could we analyse?

Data governance is critical esp. when decision making requires data analysis in multiple dimensions and also to comply with regulatory reporting. Edkal’s approach focusses on the key aspects of data - data Quality, Data Integration, Data security - in setting up Enterprise Data Warehouse / Datamart and implementing BI packaged solution.

Data Governance
Big Data

Big Data and Next Gen Analytics

What could happen?

Organizations have started reviewing data from multiple sources to enable business alignment to meet market demands. The data being collected from multiple sources in different formats require special set of tools to handle the increased flow of data streams and large volume thus being collected. The Big Data analysis requires different approach and set of different tools

Edkal’s big data analytics services helps to handle such analysis for effective business decision making, with the help of tailored frameworks for

  • Intelligent solutions using the AI models
  • Predictive Analysis/ Modelling using predictive workbench developed






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