Managed IT Services

At Edkal we consider Managed IT far more than just IT, we believe in adaptability and scalability to futuristic cloud solutions while keeping in mind the integration with customer's traditional infrastructure. We deliver end-to-end IT transformation, with the goal of ensuring that customer's IT is consistently evolving and improving. We support the growth and flexibility of customer's business, transforming the CIO function into a business benefit from a cost centre.

Under our Managed IT Service practice umbrella, we provide:

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Our ITSM solutions provide end-to-end implementation with our flagship expertise in ServiceNow including consultation, complete integration, seamless migration, virtual agent, monitoring and SLA guarantee with a growth roadmap

Security Operations

We help integrate security into customer's existing IT infrastructure. We focus on proactive threat monitoring for global IT infrastructure to handle threats in early stage

Application Development & Maintenance

We develop futuristic IT infrastructure for customer's business. We focus on DevOps methodology implementation for faster and better deployments with continuous improvement

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We help develop Comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan for minimum risk and faster response
Managed IT Services

Our Delivery Models

At Edkal we introduce various delivery models based on the maturity of customer's IT infrastructure

Greenfield Implementation

We help setting up customer's IT from ground up. We analyse current IT and future scope, to define a strategic roadmap for successful transformation

Functionality Enhancement

We help improving customer's current IT services by evolving towards more strategic and better IT infrastructure

Migration and Integration

We analyse, plan and execute seamless migration and integration with various cloud platforms to provide one-stop solution for IT

IT Service Management

We help customers to develop IT Service Management (ITSM) with enhanced user experience, lower overhead, better solution and continuous improvement by transforming to a faster, more productive and innovative IT delivery.

We accelerate digital transformation of customer's IT Managed Services by balancing current IT infrastructure and future goals to provide strategic roadmap for continuous growth.

We at Edkal specialize in providing services using ITSM tools, including but not limited to ServiceNow thereby enhancing customer's IT capabilities.

IT Service Management


ServiceNow is in the forefront of the business model of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for the past few years and has been growing year on year. It has proven capability to transform the IT businesses all over the world. ServiceNow has become part of strategy for many business models, enterprises and CIO’s.

Why ServiceNow?

Market Leader
Simplicity of Operations
Streamlined functionalities
Global Infrastructure

How Edkal can help?

Flexible cost structure
Skilled workforce
ServiceNow Partnership
Integrated cloud and analytics services

Factors you should consider

Cost of Implementation
Innovative Efforts

Our Expertise in ServiceNow

It is the one place where you can transform your IT Services needs, automate workflows, improve productivity and enhance experience
Transform your IT through a proactive business partner to gain visibility into your operations footprint with best in market Event Management Tools bringing the visibility of Infrastructure processes and integrating the same to a single pane of glass for corrective actions to optimize customer service delivery
Pay attention to your IT asset life cycle to reduce cost and mitigate risk
Proactive monitoring of threat to identify and respond to faster. Connect existing security tools with a security orchestration, automation, and response engine to quickly resolve incidents
Modernize customer service by connecting it with other teams to resolve issues quickly and proactively
Deliver strategic business execution to align work to business priorities, redirect spend to critical apps, and speed time to value
Integrate risk management and compliance activities into your IT infrastructure to monitor, prioritize and automate risk in real time
Improve HR services experience with single access point for all the HR functionalities making it more intelligent and efficient
Reengineer all the processes to incorporate in your digital workflow boosting productivity, and intelligence in a single platform

Security Operations

Security is an integral part of providing wholistic Managed IT Service. We focus on Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) to ensure security for Managed IT Environments. Our Partnership and collaboration with best technologies available in the market enables us to provide high quality security platforms to detect and monitor threats.



We expertise in setting up enterprise-level, threat visibility framework which connects all the security events


We have the know-how to detect, which enables us to provide the visibility of the security threats at the enterprise level


Co-ordination of the response to threats is critical to the resolution. Our proactive security modelling with effective correlation gives you an eye-opener


We ensure integration of your infrastructure, to provide a better detection and analytical approach
We leverage data to customise new or / and existing security infrastructure information to provide wholistic approach towards the security systems
We enable Security Operations Centre (SOC) to effectively and quickly respond to security threats through automation
We integrate security systems with Infrastructure to provide insights and alerts with analytical effectiveness for threat detection

Application Development & Maintenance

Tools and Technology

We utilize tools and technologies according to market standard to make the integration and set up seamless

People and Process

We help customers build an efficient workflow application to effortlessly connect people and processes

IT Infrastructure

We work together with our customers to build IT infrastructure that enhances the user experience

User Experience

Technology where the simplicity is woven to provide a great experience and a good interface to the customer
Application Development & Maintenance

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We follow the industry standards and best practices which enables us to provide the shortest possible Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and the nearest Recovery Point Objective (RPO), in case of any disruption due to Infrastructural, geo-political, global health factors etc. We utilize best available tools and platform in the market for data backup and recovery to ensure seamless and uninterrupted business continuity.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


We identify critical components of the customer's business to develop a strategy for handling risk

Infrastructure Map

We create infrastructure maps using our Infrastructure Model to speed up the process of recovery


With years of experience in handling customer’s infrastructure, we have built a business framework which ensures the infrastructure availability


We put our best effort to avoid surprises with simplified communication and planned approval workflow
We understand your business and assess your IT to develop a top-notch business continuity plan utilizing best available tools in the market
We believe that any infrastructure is incomplete without the smooth failover of services at the time of fault. We are proficient with the switchover processes like Active-Active and Active-Passive for the complete infrastructure stack including the Compute/Network/Storage stacks depending on the requirement and criticality of the services as required by the organisation/client
Data Backup is integral part of any business; each business has a unique need when it comes to Data backup. Based on the business need we provide Onsite, Offsite, Virtual, Cloud backup with security protocol and seamless channels for faster recovery

Edkal Ensures

Faster Implementation

Increased IT Reliability

Simple Cost Structure

Holistic Security Strategy

Continuous Growth

Maximium Automation

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