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EdEAP - Edkal Enterprise Automation Platform

for SME in Nutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals

EdEAP, Edkal Enterprise Automation Platform is the digital enterprise platform of Edkal Technologies covers major business operations - R&D, Marketing, Sales, Purchase, Production, and maintenance- on modular basis and in compliance to statutory needs to run an efficient enterprise meeting the requirements. This cloud hosted platform is an integral part of the business, supporting customers ranging from $10 to 150 Million. Edkal’s deep domain knowledge backed by manufacturing experience and development and support of intelligent IP based platform makes Edkal a strong player / contender

  • The modules are tailored for Pharma and Manufacturing Industries for seamless customization and comply with regulatory requirements imposed by FDA (21 CFR Part 11) and other agencies more efficiently, and cost-effectively
  • Architected on state of the art cloud platform with intelligent data analytics engine, EdERP provides a high availability, secure and performance driven platform for customers to expand and scale
  • Improved warehouse management - Optimization of stocks through Inter -warehouse transfe
  • Scalability – being managed in cloud, month end operations requiring huge processing does not require close monitoring
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Direct Selling Distribution Platform

SME in Direct Marketing domain are keen on digital transformation of their operations management with enhanced features to improve market share, comply with the local regulatory needs and ease of operations. In the changing requirements of Network Marketing business, our direct selling platform EdMLM brings in ease of use and advanced feature set to manage enterprises' direct selling requirements with the seamless implementation of popular plans such as binary model, uni-level compensation plans.

  • The digital platform of Edkal Technologies covers major business functions-including e-commerce, Inventory, Finance and other modules all integrated and enabled with rich UI features.
  • The platform coverage includes modules on Distributor / Stockist order management, Commission payout, e-Wallet Management, Promotions management, Digital marketing management, CRM, and Over the counter sales to online shopping portal...
  • Integration with enterprise systems and business intelligence solution further augment the capabilities of this mobile-enabled solution with APIs to track banking operations and payment gateways are already implemented across multiple geographies used by multiple customers
  • Compliant with Regulatory requirements in operational countries
  • This cloud hosted platform based on Edkal’s experience gained in supporting Direct Marketing companies with good business understanding makes it very valuable for business esp. with its easy customizable options and analytics features
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edkal ip portfolio management


IP Portfolio Management

One of the key requirements for Pharma and Healthcare companies is to have control of their Intellectual Property (IPs) esp. for organizations with research lab associated who will like to have to greater control of the IPs esp. the rights and usage. The IP can be in multiple forms for a well diversified company - patents, trademark, copyrights etc., To manage and protect the IP, a robust complete IP management solution is critical and Edkals’s IP management platform offers such a solution. The salient features of the applications are:

  • Country specific patent application filing & tracking
  • Document management (including legal)
  • IP portfolio management & tracking of renewals
  • Usage tracking - Spend and IP revenue management
  • Dispute management
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